"There's No Getting Rid Of Us.We're The Virus That There's No Cure For.Because We're The Virus That Is The Cure


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This is from the same story as Frail Limb Nursury. What happened was this 20 year old girl from Oxford, Purity Knight, was stalked by this guy in March of '97. In April he kidnapped her and buried her alive in a "home made celler" or a "hole for shelter" (those are lyrics form the song). But he kept her alive by feeding her and stuff. One morning this 9 year old boy found her and gave her a pen and paper and a tape recorder. That's Frail Limb Nursury. Anyway, then this old man saw the boy talking to the ground or something, he ran over to him and the boy ran away into the woods. The man looked at what the boy was talking to and he saw Purity, but she had died form malnutrition and exposure to extreme elements. So he contacted the police and they dug her up. The coroner said she died within the past 30 hours. A while later they caught the guy But this whole thing as all fake, made up by some author...

"I still think its real. See the thing whether it's true or not, it's a real story, that we read about, that fucked our whole world up. Can you imagine a girl being buried in a box and having all this lecherous bullshit drip down on her from this guy? and thinking that there is hope, because this kid is taking some bizarre note to this guy he doesn't even know- thinking that you are holding on to the shirt of hope -and you wake up and you're dead you're buried in mud -they find the note about a week later shoved in a library book for gods sakes -it just hurts your head- it's a case of what is good and bad in people- the box alone is reason enough to be like, 'I cant stand to be fucking human'- how can someone fucking do this to somebody? What is inside of us that is so fucking wrong? he had written quotes from Edgar Allen Poe and lots of fucked up things on the box" - Corey Taylor