"There's No Getting Rid Of Us.We're The Virus That There's No Cure For.Because We're The Virus That Is The Cure


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Slipknot Dictionary


Joey often uses the phrase 'maggot' to call his band mates. The word was then used by Slipknot's fans as a way of referring to each other.

Established bands that changes their music style and image in order to conform to the mainstream's tastes (ie switching from power metal to rapcore). Having videos aired on MTV, doing cover spreads and being famous is NOT selling out.

People that try to pretend to be someone or part of some media ideal in order to fit in. People that has dreads, body piercings and tattoo's for the sake of being "cool" or look "hard-ass" are considered as posers.

Teenager's that gives a band praise, kudos, and even plugging their record mercilessly like Mudvayne, Nonpoint, Nothingface, Godhead, while they're still unknown. When that band gets famous, said teenager will throw them away like yesterday's garbage. Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit are lugged in on this category. When Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach were about to release their albums, everyone was supporting them...now they hate them simply because of the fact that everyone's listening to them now - including the jocks.

An individual who doesn't have the capability to think, and depends solely on someone else's decisions, judgments, and opinions. Maggots who hate Fred Durst just because Slipknot happens to hate him are categorized under "Sheep". Maggots who listen to Hatebreed because Slipknot are close friends with them are sheep as well.

Macho Maggot
The lowest form of maggots. Macho maggots have the inate ability to say "fuck" in every single sentence, pretend to act angry over small things, and are lead to believe that wrong spelling and grammar are cool. Macho maggots hates Limp Bizkit but hypocritically listens to similar band's like Linkin Park and P.O.D.

Organic Syndrome
An illness that makes you hate someone for no apparent reason. DJ Sid "0" Wilson has organic syndrome whenever oxygen enters his skull, that's why he wears the gas mask.


NU Metal
Also called as "Teenage Cock Rock". A media tag (not an official sub-genre of Metal, but rather Rock) given to up and coming Hard Rock band's which caters to fans with ages ranging from 10-19. Most band's from this tag came out during the 1993 - current period and have pre-selected schtick's whether the frontman was abused as a child, having a female bassist or even warning the people how the world is a fucked up place.

The official category given to band's that fuses Rock with Rap. The "core" extension denotes that the music has "Hardcore" influences (angry vocals and hard guitars) but does not necessarily convey that the band is an exact Hardcore band. Hardcore's roots can be traced back on Punk, thus it's not part of Metal. There's also no such thing as a Rap Metal band, since Rap and Dancing is and never will be...a part of Metal.


Shawn was the executive producer for their debut album and later became friends with the band.

New York Hardcore band that are close friends with Slipknot. They even joined the "Tattoo The Earth" tour to hook up with the guys.


"Somos feos apestamos y pero reinamos joto muthafucka"
It means - "We are ugly, we stinked out but we reigned faggot muthafucka!"

"Pentex sucks! Pentex sucks!"
Back then, when Anders was still the vocalist for Slipknot his lyrics always have the words Pentex, Black Hand, Wyrm, Umbra on them. Those are all characters or entities taken from the roleplaying game Werewolf: The Apocalypse by White Wolf Game Studios. Anders and Shawn are big fans of this game and used to meet up on his house to play it.


Ross Robinson
The producer of Slipknot's self-titled major label debut album and a close friend of the band. Ross' album production is famous for influencing the "downtuned muddy sound" on all band's he produces. It works on new bands, but not for established one's as seen on the downfall of Machine Head (The Burning Red) and Sepultura (Roots). He's also the guy who says "Give me a scream Corey" on 'Get This'.

Steve Richards
The guy that hooked them up to sign with Epic Records but the deal got scrapped later on after Vince Bonham wasn't pleased with the bands talent.

Fred Durst
Corey's current object of aggression. The feud started when Corey heard rumors from a friend, that Spin Magazine had an article wherein Fred called Slipknot fans as "fat and ugly kids". Fred denies the allegations and gave his side of the story but Corey doesn't give a shit about it.

Mr. Bungle
A sideproject by ex-Faith No More vocalist, Mike Patton. He's considered as the first to introduce masks in both Rock and Metal.


The Shining
Movie where the music video "Spit It Out" is based on. Jack Nicholson plays a guy possessed by evil spirits while vacationing in a motel, then he goes crazy.


A song found throughout the internet which is believed to be the work of Slipknot, but it really is the work of KMFDM.

Corey plays guest vocals in this track from the new Soulfly album "Primitive".

Track included in the Snot tribute album, Strait Up. Corey plays guest vocals on this one.