"There's No Getting Rid Of Us.We're The Virus That There's No Cure For.Because We're The Virus That Is The Cure


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Band Facts

Chris Fehn's nose is only 7 inches long and not 12 inches as previously reported.

The nails on Craig's helmet is 6 inches long and is not made of rubber.

The sample used on 742671000027 was taken from a Charles Manson documentary.

The sample used on the beginning of (sic) where someone screams: 'Here comes the pain' was taken from the movie Carlito's Way. The voice was Al Pacino's.

In Diluted, there is a sample played where a man is saying: 'I don't have time for the living'. That sample was taken from the movie Cemetery Man.

Craig's name 133 has a speculated story behind it. 133 (Craig's name) multiply it by 5 (his number) plus 1 (his person) and you get 666. Also, rumor has it that Pentium 133 is the speed of Craig's PC, that's why he named himself after that.

Craig "5" maintains Slipknot1.com while Shawn "6" and a guitar technician work on Slipknot2.com

870631245 is the bands personalized numbers jumbled up. Nothing new.

The bands' self-titled debut album was the most successful record Roadrunner ever had, with Coal Chamber coming close.

Paul Gray (Bass) was with Anders (MFKR vocalist) and Josh (MFKR Guitarist) on a band called VeXX. They were also on a group called Body Pit with Mick Thomson and Donnie Steele before they joined Slipknot.

The actual height of Mick is 6'2" and James is 6'6".

Slipknot was featured on the New York Times recently and all of it are praises. No media bashing.

Slipknot purchased the rights to the barcode number, 742617000027, and used it for logos, t-shirts, Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat and the first track on their self-titled album.

Slipknot are the first band to be signed to Ross Robinson's I AM Records imprint through Roadrunner Records.

The dreads on Corey's mask is real. He used to have his dreads come out of the mask but he had problems with it so he shaved his head bald and glued the dreads on top of the mask.

Craig Jones' (Sampler) helmet was once an actual racing helmet, and always wonders why people move out of the crowd when he starts to head-bang.

The song 'Purity' is about a teenager named Purity Knight who was stalked and eventually kidnapped by a man. This man sent clues to the cops daring them to find her. And in the end, he buried her alive and suffocated underground. For more details, go to Crimescene.com.

Slipknot's self-titled second album was re-released after Corey Taylor found out that the Purity Knight story was just fictional. In order to avoid lawsuits, the band replaced Purity and Frail Limb Nursery with Me Inside, a track taken from the Digipack release. Corey, however, still believes that there is truth to the Purity Knight story.

In the song 'Eyeless', Corey repeats the chorus :"You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes". That line was taken from an incident when the band went to sign their record deal with Roadrunner in New York, Corey saw a homeless man on the sidewalk repeating. "You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes". Marlon Brando is a famous actor who played such roles in the Tragedy of Julius Caesar, The Godfather and The Island Of Dr. Moreau.

After Scissors, there is a secret track wherein the band is talking with each other and you can hear someone puking. Shawn Crahan dropped clues on what the hell is happening there and said it was an initiation for Chris "2" Fehn, but he's not gonna' tell us what is going on.

The picture on the cover of "Slipknot" was taken in Shawn Crahan's parent's garage.

The inside tray photo was Slipknot's roadie wrapped up in cellophane and spray painted to look (sic).

Slipknot met at "Runway For Sundays", the only club in Des Moines that lets original bands open for each other.

Slipknot played their first gigs at "Safaris", next to the "World Of Christ" church.

Corey used to work in a porn shop in Des Moines. "People would look at me like I was a freak, but they were the ones buying in the porn shop at four in the morning. Straight looking people I'd know would come to the register with 14-inch dildos and then they'd recognize me sitting there, and I'd be like, 'Like any lotions or lubes with that?'. But I didn't want anyone to feel dirty in the shop - because people are made to feel dirty every day of their lives, and that's bullshit"

Shawn Crahan, Joey Jordison and Craig Jones were all in a band called 'Motividious' together before Slipknot. and Paul Gray and Mick Thomson were in a band called 'Body Pit'.

Shawn used to have a 'dead crow' fetish. He says, "Back then I had a dead crow fetish, and I'd bring one in a bottle to shows. I'd open the jar, and the smell would make me puke all over myself inside my mask. Then I'd offer it to the kids and they'd dip their hands into it and wipe it
on their faces and they'd be puking too. It was rad."

Corey has the Japanese character for "death" tattooed on one side of his neck, and the character for "father" on the other side. This was because he never knew his father.

Corey originally wanted to play drums, but began writing and singing songs after hearing Soundgarden's "Screaming Life" and Nirvana's "Bleach".

Corey was a member of Stone Sour, who played "half originals, half cheesy Top 40 crap". He also appeared mask less on the cover of Stone Sour's CD.

Shawn Crahan knew Corey as "The King Of Des Moines" when StoneSour were the biggest band in town. The public didn't like the heavier songs he was writing. Then Shawn Crahan recruited him into Slipknot. Apparently this decision was made by Shawn, Joey and Mick going into Corey's porn shop and "basically told me if I didn't join the band they'd kick my fucking ass".