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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Chris's (#3) birthday?

A: February 24th.

Q: What do the guys do when they go home?

A: "When the guys get home they pretty much don't leave their houses, they just wanna chill... about the only ones that go out are Corey #8 and James #4." - Anders

Q: How long has the drummer been playing drums and is all that bassing from his feet or is some/most of it from effects?

A: Joey (#1) was in a lot of bands before SlipKnoT in 95', as for the exact number of years he has been playing, I'm not quite sure... and for the second question, all the bass you hear is him, he plays a double kicker, and has the fastest feet I've seen in a long time... He's and UN-REAL drummer!!!

Q: Why are Slipknot fans called Maggots?

A: We are called maggots because we feed off of Slipknot's music and energy. Its a positive thing. It was supposedly started by Joey.

Q: Why did they release the green vinyl version of their album?

A: They most likely did it just as a tribute to their fans.

Q: Where is the sound bite on Interloper from?

A: The sound bite from Interloper was taken from a movie called "Shakes the Clown", a little known comedy starring Bob Golthwait, and Aunt Esther from Sanford & Son.

Q: Slipknot copied off a band called Mushroomhead?

A: There is a band from Cleveland, Ohio who claims that Slipknot copied off of them because they also wear masks. But this is not the case. At the time, Slipknot had know idea that Mushroomhead even existed.... its just a coincidence.

Q: Can I buy Slipknot jumpsuits in a color other than orange?

A: As of now, no. They only offer orange as a color.

Q: Did they make their own masks?

A: For the most part, yes. Some of them bought the masks and made changes on them, I know Sid has a variety of gas masks and Shawn has a clown mask he found himself a while ago... you can learn how to make James mask on this site...

Q: What are their musical influences?

A: All the members were in bands before the 'KnoT... so they got a lot of there musical roots there.. if you want to know all of Joeys favorites you can purchase the new "TERROIZER" he talks about his favorites there...as for the others they pretty much like Death or Shock metal and a little rap for Sid.

Q: Whose is the voice at the beginning of "Get This"?

A: Ross Robinson's. He says "Gimme a scream, Corey."

Q: What is the name of the secret song after "Scissors"?

A: "Eeyore".

Q: What exactly happened between Limp Bizkit and Slipknot?

A: A while back Fred Durst <FAGGOT> said that "All SlipknoT fans are, fat, ugly kids." Obviously Corey took offense to that and stood up for his fans, and shot some comments back at Limp Bizkit... it snowballed after that.

Q: Where can I get the original CD with "Purity" on it?

A: Well, they have stopped making the CD with Purity on it due to legal
problems. If your lucky you can find still it at music stores, you will know if it has purity because on the jewel case on the side it has the band's logo "SLipKnoT", the new ones have the tribal "S" if not try Ebay!

Q: Corey?

A: I keep getting questions about who sings certain Slipknot songs.... Corey. Corey sings all the songs.

Q: What's with the barcode?

A: It came from MFKR, Slipknot's first album. On the back is that barcode with the number 742617000027.

Q: What's up with the soft version of "Wait and Bleed"?

A: Supposedly, Roadrunner is the culprit for toning it down because they wanted the band to have something "radio-friendly".

Q: What does the "M" stand for on the fan jumpsuits?

A: Maggot. Slipknot fans are considered maggots.... it was started by Joey.

Q: Why are the lyrics of "Purity"/"Despise" and "Diluted"/"Interloper" similar?

A: The lyrics are similar because "Despise" is was the demo of "Purity" and "Interloper" was the demo of "Diluted".

Q: Why did Josh leave the band?

A: Don't quote me on this, but I think it was just simply because touring and everything would make a huge impact on his life. He would miss his family too much. So he decided to stay in Des Moines.

Q: Is the band going to be at Ozzfest 2000?

A: Most likely not.

Q: Did some of the members change their masks?

A: Yes, they will always be modifying their masks. Almost every single person in the band has since their album cover photo has been taken. James (#4) has gotten a totally new mask, the jester mask. He used to wear the bondage hood with his purple hair sticking out the top. I am making James' mask, and I'll let you know how to when I get it figured out...

Q: What did Corey do before joining Slipknot?

A: He worked in a porn shop, and he was in a band titled "Stone Sour".

Q: When is their next video coming out?

A: Most likely, not until their next CD is released. That would mean in the beginning of 2001.

Q: What does the name "Slipknot" mean, and how did they come up with it?

A: "When I think of a Slipknot, I think of somebody tied to a stake, and there's all this evil swarming around them. The slipknot is what's holding them in that situation. It's kind of like our music, it holds you down and you can't escape," - Corey (#8). The music explains how they came up with the name, like its sort of addicting.

Q: Are their masks for sale?

A: NO.

Q: Why do I see some Slipknot CDs with "Frail Limb Nursery" and "Purity" and then some that have "Me Inside" instead?

A: Well, first of all, "Frail Limb Nursery" and "Purity" are linked. Those two tracks are about a girl named Purity Knight. She was supposedly buried alive, and Slipknot made those to tracks about the incident. The band heard about this from www.crimescene.com. After the band released their CD, crime scene noticed these two tracks. As it turned out, the Purity Knight incident did not actually happen because it was a story. Since it is a story, crime scene could copyright it and make it theirs. Now that the CD is out, crime scene made Slipknot take those two tracks off the CD or else they would be sued. Therefore, Slipknot re-released their CD with a song from the digi-pack "Me Inside" replacing those two tracks. Also, you will notice that some of the CD art is different.

Q: Are any of the members married with kids?

A: Yes. I know for a fact that Craig (#5) and Shawn (#6) are married. Shawn has been married for 6 years and he has 3 kids. Craig's wife also runs www.slipknot1.com.

Q: Why was the "Spit It Out" video banned from MTV?

A: It was banned supposedly because it was seen as "too evil" in the eyes of MTV. But then they let that fag Manson walk around in a naked mannequin suit.... I'm not seeing it here.

Q: What is happening after the song "Scissors"?

A: Well, the band won't say whenever they are approached with the question, but the answer is: The whole band is watching a porn with a someone eating someone else's dung. In the background, you can hear someone puking and Shawn saying "Just make believe its pudding."

Q: Do any of the members do drugs?

A: NO. This is another reason why this band is so awesome, they understand that drugs are stupid, and they have a strict policy against them. If anyone in the band is caught doing drugs, they are GONE.

Q: What is the voice saying in the beginning of the song (SIC)?

A: "Here comes the pain!" Many people mistake it for saying "Pick up the pace!", but its not.

Q: Where can I buy Slipknot merchandise?

A: There are a few places to get the merchandise, but their licensed merchandise vender is Blue Grape Merchandising. Since this is the company that makes the stuff, I recommend you go to the merchandise secttion on this site and go to the site there.

Q: Why can't they just re-release MFKR again?

A: Ok people, enough of this camel fodder. They aren't releasing MFKR again BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO. They have changed a lot in many ways since that album, and they want people focusing on the new stuff. GET OVER IT!

Q: Are the jumpsuits for sale?

A: Yes, they are. They are sold at their concerts for $120 a pop, and at www.bluegrape.com for $89.

Q: Where can I find a copy of MFKR?

A: Ok, I'm sure a lot of you are asking this same question. There are plenty of places to find it online, like eBay. The fact is that all of the copies auctioned off there are copies, and the people selling them are capitalizing (making money of Slipknot's hard work) off the band. If you were a true fan, you wouldn't contribute to this. The band basically went broke making and promoting that album, and they don't want people concentrating on that album, they want people to concentrate on the new stuff.

Q: Are Slipknot and ICP friends?

A: Well, they don't have any grudges against each other.

Q: Can I get a picture of the band without their masks on?

A: Right here one on this site.

Q: What's the deal with the girl in "Frail Limb Nursery"?

A: As you might know, "Frail Limb Nursery" and the song "Purity" are linked. "Purity" is a song about a girl named Purity Knight that was supposedly buried alive. In "Frail Limb Nursery", it is supposedly Purity talking to a young boy with a microphone. These two tracks were replaced by "Me Inside" on their album when it was re-released because crime scene thought that Slipknot was making money of their idea (story), which Slipknot thought was not a story and an actual event that took place. But since the Purity Knight thing was made up by crimescene.com, it could be copyrighted as a story, and they decided to be dickheads and threaten to sue Slipknot.

Q: How old are the band members?

A: These may be off by a year or two...

Joey - 25 (B-day April 26th)
Paul - 28 (B-day April 8th)
Mick - 26
Corey - 26
Chris - 28
James - 28
Craig - 27
Shawn - 31
Sid - 23

Q: Where can I buy the digi-pack?

A: The digi-pack is available almost anywhere online where you can buy CDs. If you order online, I suggest simply because that's where I got mine and they are reliable. Or, you can special order it through your local record store. The digi-pack has 3 extra songs not found on the self-titled album including "Despise", "Interloper", and "Get This".

Q: Do any of the members of Slipknot have AIM screen names?

A: I do know that Shawn does, and he sometimes goes on to talk to fans. I am not sure about anyone else, and I do not know Shawn's screen name.

Q: Does Slipknot worship the devil?

A: To be specific, I do not know. I do know that not all of the members do, but some may. In some cases, it may seem they worship the devil because of the lyrics, but I think they are just spreading the evil and pain that they have experienced. In the end... who cares if they do or not? Its their choice.

Q: What is the voice saying on the first track of the CD?

A: "The whole thing I think is sick."

Q: Where do the samples that Craig uses come from?

A: I think that most of them come from movies.

Q: Is Slipknot going to make another CD?

A: Come on now, what do you think?? Of course they are! They're going into the studio this November!

Q: What members were in the band at the release of MFKR?

A: Paul-bass
Andy-drums/lead vocals (now in a band called Painface)

Q: What is the band all about?

A: Respect. They respect other people for who they are and what they do as long as you stay true to themselves. They are independent and they are fine with other people having their own opinions until someone pushes them to believe what they don't believe in. Click here to read part of an interview with Shawn (#6) that explains their theory a little more.

Q: How did they come up with the costume idea?

A: When they started making music in Des Moines, they were looked down on by others for doing something different. So, instead of worrying about trends, they all dressed up in coveralls and masks. They say the masks are an extension of their personalities, and they show what the music does to them inside.

Q: How did Craig come up with his nickname?

A: This isn't really known. But I've heard a few theories:

1. 3+3-1=5 (Craig's number) This one seems a little far out...
2. I have a feeling some of his sampling equipment has a speed of 133Mhz