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Slipknot news and rumours


The latest Slipknot news

Sorry people for having no resent updates in quite a while its just that i have been busy making a new website which will be up soon the url is http://www.hatedmaggots.cjb.net
15th Febuary, 2002

Im really sorry for not updating this site in a while its just that i have been really busy working on a new website im webmastering its addvisable to check it out. Thanx and Sorry.

10th Febuary, 2002


This is the greatest news that i have everposted on this site.OZZFEST IS COMING TO IRELAND(Where i live).Its going to be the greatest day of my life.Soad are already confirmed to play and hopefully Slipknot will play at Ozzfest this year.(news credit to www.newabortion.com)

Iowa In Germany

On January 29th 2002, Slipknot played a sold out show at The Docks in Hamburg, Germany. The people who saw that show are now part of Slipknot history.

The show opened with the song "Iowa" which was played in its entirety for the second time EVER, the first time being when it was recorded for Slipknot's platinum selling 2nd album Iowa.

This will never happen again.

The set consisted of 'Iowa', 'People=Shit', 'Disasterpiece', 'Eeyore', 'Heretic Anthem', 'Wait & Bleed', 'Sic' and 'Surfacing'.

Slipknot is currently on an extensive European tour. The show in Hamburg, though not as lengthy as the usual set, will be one of the most memorable shows in Slipknot's history. It was Slipknot at their most decadent, spontaneous and 'sic' and gave the band the chance to go back to the so called 'bar days' where no one knew just what could happen on any Slipknot show on any night.

Slipknot will return to Hamburg and the band has promised to play a 'make up' show.

Rollerball commerical

View a commercial for the movied titled Rollerball which features Slipknot in the soundtrack and movie. Click here to view it.

Top of the pops and live dvd

Slipknot to be on Top Of The Pops on February 21st. Yes, it's happening.

Londoners to be in DVD & New Video! So, what's new to report in the world of Slipknot? Sit back and enjoy...
DVD - First up, plans for an upcoming Slipknot dvd is in the works. It's true. So true, that come February 16th on Slipknot's current European tour, a crew will be filming the show for this effort. To the folks who will be present at the London Arena that night - be crazy fuckers...come September (tentative release date for the DVD), you will be immortalized forever.

Win VIP tickets

For your chance to win 2 VIP aftershow party passes plus gig tickets to Slipknot's London show, Click Here. As part of this competition, you can also jazz up your mobile phone with a Slipknot ringtone and logo, and receive SMS text news bulletins while Slipknot are touring the UK!

Slipknot videos

When Slipknot hits London on February 16th they'll be doing two things. One is filming a video for their upcoming new single "My Plague" which of course has been redone and is now officially called "My Plague (New Abuse Mix)." While they are also in London they will be filming a live Slipknot DVD set for a release later in the year. Also, it's being rumoured that the official Slipknot website will be unveiled around the time their new music video is finished.


Corey Taylor #8 will be doing back-up vocals, writing, and arranging for a group called Slitheryn. Slitheryn is a homegrown band out of Chicago. Their website is located at Slitheryn.com. Check them out.

Aus cancelled

Apparently, Slipknot have cancelled all of their tour dates for the upcoming Australian tour. Furthermore, the dates will not be rescheduled. No official reason has been given as of yet.


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Slipknot continue their infestation of the airwaves with their first ever official UK mobile phone ringtone and icon!
By phoning the number below you can download My Plague as your mobile ringtone and get the Slipknot logo as your icon.
And while you're on the line answer a simple question correctly and you and a friend could not only be seeing the band's Docklands Arena show in London on February 16th but going to the very exclusive VIP aftershow party too!
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To become a Mobile Maggot phone: 09068020230
Open to UK maggots only, sorry folks.

Slipknot Gold In Japan

According to Roadrunner Records, Slipknot's latest release "Iowa" has been certified Gold in Japan for sales exceeding 100,000 copies, making it only the second Roadrunner Record album in history to accomplish that feat. The first album to do this in Japan? None other than "77 Days" from the Japanese ska band, Kemuri.

Papa Roach pen new song for Slipknot

Papa Roach have written a song about Slipknot's Sid Wilson, entitled 'Sid' for their follow-up to 'Infest'. Frontman Coby Dick told Kerrang!: "It's pretty wild and one of the heaviest songs we've written for the new album

Dizzy in car crash

"On Monday Morning, December 24, 2001, Rejects vocalist Dizzy Draztik was involved in a single car crash off of a highway in Des Moines Iowa. Bruised and battered, and with some puffy lips, a hurt nose and a pretty serious black eye" Although Dizzy was hurt he still managed to play a show with The Rejects and proved he hasn't lost his sense of humor "If any of you want to buy me a new car, i sure could use one right now". www.therejects.net for more information.

Slipknot support on Euro tour

It has now been confirmed that the fourth group accompanying Slipknot, American Head Charge and Inflames on the european tour, replacing downthesun is going to be One Minute Silence.

Febuary 3rd, 2002

So, what's new to report in the world of Slipknot? Sit back and enjoy...

DVD - First up, plans for an upcoming Slipknot dvd is in the works. It's true. So true, that come February 16th on Slipknot's current European tour, a crew will be filming the show for this effort. To the folks who will be present at the London Arena that night - be crazy fuckers...come September (tentative release date for the dvd), you will be immortalized forever.

Resident Evil - we mentioned it before, but we'll say it once again with some more detail - Slipknot's remake of the track "My Plague", called the 'new abuse mix', will be featured on the upcoming 03/12 release of the Resident Evil soundtrack AND featured in the movie itself. For this movie, which hits theaters on March 15th, the 'new abuse mix' of "My Plague" will be the first song played during its closing credits. It's true. More to come on this soundtrack later...

New Video - New video? Apparently, yes. Word has it that from the live footage to be shot during the 02/16 show at London Arena, some of this live footage, spliced in with scenes from the Resident Evil movie, will be made into a video for "My Plague". It's true. And it's good too - have you seen some of the scenes from this movie with Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez? You will...

January 24th, 2002

The 1 hour Slipknot Special that ran on the VH1 Friday Rock Show (04/01/02) will be repeated on Monday 15th February (In The U.K) in the first hour at 12 Midnight. Sorry for not having that on this site i completely forgot abought puttin on the date and time. sorry.

January 21st, 2002

Slipknot have won a Japan grammy for metal album of the year

Tune in to VH1 for an exellent 1 hour Slipknot special (a must see includes loads of live footage of the Pledge Of Allience Tour)

January 2nd, 2002

New Corey Interview Added

Shawn Thanks the Maggots
in response to shawns wife struggling with Crohne's disease:

"I want to take the time to say to everyone, on a personal level, that everything in my life happens for a reason. My wife wasnt in such a condition that she was going to die, but for our childrens sake, she and I couldnt put off [treating] her disease any longer, so we just did it. She has really come through well, shes blossomed. I want to extend my love and thank-yous to the people out there who may have spent just one moment hoping that Clowns wife was going to be all right. I want them to know that I felt all of it and it was a pretty cool feeling. I got a lot of help through the Maggots, and from other people in the industry, and other bands and artists. It was cool to feel that in my world."