"There's No Getting Rid Of Us.We're The Virus That There's No Cure For.Because We're The Virus That Is The Cure


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The 10th Member Of Slipknot


You may not recognise him name, but you probably know producer Ross Robinson's sound: Dense rhythms, crunching guitars and vocal performances that border on nervous breakdowns, producing bands such as KoRn, Limp Bizkit, the awsome At The Drive In and ultimately Slipknot.

Without Ross and the considerable amout of help he has given to Slipknot the band may never have gotten out of Des Moines. Plus the self titled album and new album Iowa would have had not nearly as much emotion and expression within them. Ross pushed the members to the edge; he took them to spiritual highs; he brought the hate out of them and put it into the music. Not ony does he see the vibe in the music but he sees the vibe in the passion, a pasiion for music which he shares.

Ross introduces the members:
"I call him DJ Cupcake. He took 75 hits of acid one day before he was in the band - he still sees trails every once in a while. He gets to be a little bit high all the time, and he likes it. You can depend on him to put an amazingly sweet vibe in the room. And he jumps off really amazingly tall things."

"Joey is pure genius in all ways. One of the smartest people I've ever met, and he can play everything. He and Paul have written everything on the new album so far. I totally respect him."

"100 people will call him for money and he gives it to 'em. He's a giving sharing, 100% sweet, musical genius - and writes the fuckin' baddest riffs too."

"Chris is an amazing sports fanatic. He'll whip you in golf. He's amazing at everything he does. He's got a natural ability to tear it up."

"He's got the man's disease. When you're walking down the street with your radar on and you see every hot girl....he's got it bad."

"When I first met him he never talked. He was super-quiet and never spoke a word. I would point at him and say, hey dude, I bet you're the most psycho fucker in this band! And he still didn't say anything. I would try and get him to talk and he would just sit and stare at me. The first time he talked during an interview he said, "if I wasn't in this band I'd probably be out killing people." And when he said that, it caused so many problems, all these letters coming in. So the only time he talked, he caused a bunch of shit!"

"Shawn lives, breathes and eats psychotic fuckin' thoughts. He has the world on his shoulders. He feels like he has to take care of the world, maybe because he's not taking care of himself. He'll learn to ease up, though. It's a lot to take because they got so huge all at once. He seems to be someplace else, but his heart is pure and beautiful."

"Mick says he actively hates everything that exists. Fuck, that guy is extremely smart - he knows every bit of gear, he is so on point with knowing everything. That guy, I love him so much. When I see him my heart melts."

"He loves women. He's getting married soon. He fell in love and found an awesome life through the band. Corey was a pretty tortured kid, his father was never around. He gave a lot out to the listeners."