"There's No Getting Rid Of Us.We're The Virus That There's No Cure For.Because We're The Virus That Is The Cure


Des Moines
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Song Meanings

Below are some of the song meanings from the self named album Slipknot

Song Meanings


Just a sample track taken from a Charles Manson documentary. The title of the song is the barcode number from the bands boiler suits, and the Mate.Feed. Kill. Repeat album.


(sic) is a literary term that an author includes after a line of text that indicates that s/he knows it's wrong, but s/he's including it.


You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes.....When the band visited New York for the first time to sign the record deal with Roadrunner, Mick says "That all came from a schizophrenic street person in New York. He was running around, screaming it at everyone. Though I think his choice of actor was pretty cool. He was off his shit (the schizo that is)."

Joey says "It's not necessary about Marlon Brando's eyes, it's a pivotal figure of Marlon Brando being the untouched guy that he is and eye's being such a strong word, because that song is about Corey's dad and how he doesn't know him. So we're using a figure that everyone knows to amplify the song and with California being such a big fucking state. Like we just use them as articles or examples of a picture. Like the whole motto is unless you're going to be strong enough or realize what the outcome has been in life, don't try to see something that you're not going to fucking see."

Wait and Bleed

"It's about this guy thats keeps having repetitive black and white dreams of himself lying in a bath of blood with his wrists slit...and one day he wakes up and he finds this dream a reality but he doesn't want to believe this so he tries to fall back asleep and wakes up normally so he basically "Waits and Bleeds".


The lyric "Fuck it all, Fuck this world, Fuck everything that you stand for, don't belong, don't exist, don't give a shit, don't ever judge me" speaks for itself. According to Shawn '6' Crahan the song, for him, means that you don't have to answer to anything or anyone.

Paul '2' has his own interpretation of the song: "Basically, we dedicate it to the kids as their new national anthem. It's our way of saying don't worry about everybody else. Just worry about yourself. Don't worry about the people judging and the people coming down on you and all the fake crap. Stick to what you believe in. You'd have to get Corey to get his full meaning since he writes all the lyrics....A lot of the stuff we like to leave it for people to decide anyway."

Spit it Out

"Spit It Out" was written in retaliation to childish mud-slinging by a handful of individuals who worked at a local radio station in Des Moines, Iowa. These individuals worked hard to keep Slipknot off the air. The song was broadcast in fragments on Mancow's Morning Madhouse after the station threatened to pull Mancow's show from their station. It was also right after Slipknot were pulled from a slot on a live concert in Chicago hosted by Mancow; thanks to same said individuals at the aforementioned radio station.


"I still think its real. See the thing whether it's true or not, it's a real story, that we read about, that fucked our whole world up. Can you imagine a girl being buried in a box and having all this lecherous bullshit drip down on her from this guy? and thinking that there is hope, because this kid is taking some bizarre note to this guy he doesn't even know- thinking that you are holding on to the shirt of hope -and you wake up and you're dead you're buried in mud - they find the note about a week later shoved in a library book for gods sakes -it just hurts your head- it's a case of what is good and bad in people- the box alone is reason enough to be like, 'I can't stand to be fucking human'- how can someone fucking do this to somebody? What is inside of us that is so fucking wrong? He had written quotes from Edgar Allen Poe and lots of fucked up things on the box." - Corey Taylor


"The song's based loosely on a 1960's movie called the collector- it is about a guy who kidnaps this girl and basically adds her to his collection and keeps her there -it's a weird kind of psychological thing, and prosthetics takes it a little bit further -where he is put into a deep sick psychosis and he goes through the whole collecting thing, at the end of the song he ends up killing her and having sex with her." - Corey Taylor


"It's the hidden track- Slipknot was based on the theory that we would never give up any style of music that we loved to play - for anyone- that we would gel things together under the name Slipknot - it goes from all styles from beginning to end." - Shawn Crahan.

"Eeyore is just about this one fucking guy from Des Moines, Iowa - he has long blonde fucking hair and he is a prick to people in the fucking pit he's a Thor looking jerkoff. He loves our band but he's a dick to everyone in the pit. He likes to hit fucking chicks. The song is about me losing my mind and just tearing the shit out of him" - Corey Taylor