"There's No Getting Rid Of Us.We're The Virus That There's No Cure For.Because We're The Virus That Is The Cure


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Famous Quotes


Corey Taylor; Metal Hammer

"I never knew my father, he bailed out before I was born. I don't even know his name, which is why I have these tatoos. This one means 'Father' (points to right side of neck) and this one means 'Death' (left side of neck). It used to bother me a lot and then I was like 'Fuck it, I'm not going to dwell on it'. We probably lived in 25 states when I was between the ages of four and eleven. When you spend a lot of time alone, you start to develop a kind of personal imagination. My mom wasn't strict at all, but the boyfriends she had would be complete fucking pricks to my sister and me, so I became stand of fish to people like that."

Corey Taylor; Metal Edge (March 2000)

"PETA. I would make everyone eat raw meat. [why] because I could."

Shawn Crahan; About a possible tour with Korn

"Korn won't play with us because they're afraid we'll steal their audience, which we will...."

Corey Taylor; Metal Edge (May 2000)

"This might sound kinda' morbid, but I'd love to be there the moment Jim Morrison died to see how it really happened..."

Mick Thomson on the seven-string guitar fad

"Seven-string guitars are gay - they're nothing more than a trend. How many guitarists use all seven strings anyway? Steve Vai can, John Petrucci can. But what about Max Cavalera from Soulfly? He only uses four strings and noone's heavier than him."

Joey reacting to the ban slapped on them at Wolverhampton

"I'm going to shit in a box and send it to Wolverhampton council! We'll see how acceptable they find that! Anyway, I'm sure I can bribe some of these councilors with poker money I've won in our dressing room."

Slipknot on Korn and Limp Bizkit

"Some people may think that we hate Korn and Limp Bizkit, but that's not entirely true, we just hate Korn's 3rd album and Limp Bizkit's 2nd album. Their 1st albums, however, did greatly influence us. We do like Korn's album Issues, some of it does sound like the 1st one, but they still could have perfected it. We've never met either of them, but we'd like to."

Corey, sending a message to Fred Durst

"You might have a lot of money and be famous, but the next time you talk shit about Slipknot and it's fans ....we will kill you."

Shawn, on the purpose of the masks

"What we want to show kids is that you can come to a Slipknot show and not worry about what you look like or what group you're in."

Joey, foreseeing the future of Slipknot

"No, I don't think in that way. Being of the anonymous factor is to keep all the rock star cliche and the ego bullshit gone, so the bigger the band gets we can remain grounded. We can keep the music focused and not rob the kids of any music. You see a lot of bands, as soon as they start getting big, closing endorsements, getting involved with money, producing videos, going out with fucking porn stars and that's not where it started. What got them big is when they were grounded. It got to a certain point and then they moved away from it and we don't ever want to move away from it. That's why he anonymity comes in."

Shawn on Ross Robinson

"When we were trying to get signed, there was kind of a bidding war, and we were having a hard time because of the way we are live. Ross has an imprint now with Roadrunner, I AM Records. Ross was going to take us, fund our album himself, and make sure it got where it was supposed to go. That's how much he believed in us. He didn't have to do that because of the Roadrunner thing, but that's how much he dug us. He's such a friend now; he's an incredible human being. The really cool thing about Ross is that he lets the band have the final say. All you have to do is say, 'Man, you added this effect on guitar and we're not really digging it.' Ross just said, 'Done.' No arguing. We didn't lose sleep over anything. He's behind you as an artist, which is an incredible feeling, being able to create what you're born with. We'll definitely be working with Ross again."

Shawn Crahan

"We're a fucking army and we're fighting a war. When you're fighting a war there's gonna be casualties...how far can I go? I'll rip off my arm