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Latest Incidents

The Latest Slipknot Incidents

Kerrang Awards 2001

Slipknot were nominated for two awards at this years kerrang awards "Best Internation Performance" and "Best Band In The World" for the second year.Slipknot won the award for the best band in the world but unfortunatly didn't leave with the award for best international performance.Slipknot couldn't make it to the Kerrang awards but their there fans dressed in boiler suits and masks did to collect the award.
Slipknot Nominated At The Grammies
Date: January 2001

Slipknot's "Wait And Bleed" has been nominated for "Best Heavy Metal" song on the 2001 Grammy Awards which will take place on February 21. Slipknot's entry will go against Iron Maiden's "The Wickerman", Pantera's "Revolution Is My Name", Deftones "Elite" and Marilyn Manson's "Astonishing Panorama Of The End Times".

Kerrang Awards
Date: September 2000

The masked Iowa rockers walked away from this years Kerrang! Awards in London with three honors, while leaving a path of destruction in their wake. According to sources on the scene, the fun began when the group's "Wait And Bleed" was named Best Single, and the band celebrated by smashing glasses on its table. Upon hitting the stage, Slipknot DJ Sid slugged percussionist Shawn Crahan after a coin toss, and the band then picked up its award without uttering a word. Next up came the band's acceptance of the Best International Live Act award, which saw the group smash its chairs and the microphone before frontman Corey Taylor simply thanked the group's fans. Finally, Slipknot picked up its third Kerrang! award of the evening, Best Band In The World, and celebrated by flipping off the crowd. Amid the mayhem, the band also found time to set its table on fire.

Shawn dukes it out with TTE security
Date: September 2000

Shawn Crahan, Hatebreed, a Slipknot drum tech, and some band members from One Minute Silence are involved in a scuffle with "Tattoo The Earth" security at Wisconsin. The whole ruckus started after TTE security spotted Shawn (whom they thought was a fan) driving a golf cart around the venue. Security, fearing the safety of the concert goers, pulled Shawn and the rest of the passengers off the golf cart and proceeded to arrest them. Shawn tried to fight back and once Hatebreed (close friends of the band) saw that Shawn was in trouble, joined the fray. Shawn was eventually maced then cuffed by security. Members of Hatebreed and security both filed police reports but no charges have been made.

Jonathan Davis Clears Things
Date: March 2000

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis cleared out rumors circulating about them being mad at Slipknot. Jon Davis said that they too, are pissed at David Silveria for posing at a Teen Magazine and they agree with Slipknot's stand on the issue.

Shawn Takes Out A Fan
Date: May 2000

Hey. I was at the Montreal show and I have something to say about the news piece you had about Shawn ordering the beating of a fan. The way you posted it, Shawn looks like a fucking asshole, but in fact, the ''fan'' had it coming.

That guy was actually there to make fun of Slipknot. I met him behind the Metropolis (the venue where the show was at), where I was waiting for the band to come out. This guy was saying ''Fuck Slipknot'' and "I'm waiting for that faggot clown so I can talk to the motherfucker'' the whole time.

My friend was beside him for the whole Slipknot set and remembered quite vividly how this guy kept saying ''Everyone, say SlipSnot!'' ''Slipknot sucks!'' and so on. During Scissors, this guy started giving Shawn the finger. Shawn and Sid retorted with fingers and ''throat-slits''. The guy then made a sign with his hands to Shawn, beckoning him to come down and fight. Shawn then came down to the floor level and gave the guy one hell of a punch in the face. Admit it, the guy deserved it. The guy then tried to jump over the gate and that's when the security guy shoved him back into the pit.

So the asshole got a bloody lip, and chickened out once Shawn came out the back door. Shawn looked pissed when we talked to him. He just signed autographs, took a few pictures and left.

Oh, one last thing, why did this guy insult Slipknot in the first place?

Turns out that he's in a band and he thinks that they're better than Slipknot. Yeah, as stupid as that.

Well, I hope this clarified the matter somewhat. In the pit, perspectives can get fucked, so I guess the guy who sent you the previous news piece made an honest mistake. But from my friend's perspective and my perspective, it went down as aforementioned.

Slipknot Banned By A UK Council Member
Date: March 2000

After learning that Slipknot are set to play Wolverhampton Civic Hall on March 1 as part of their seven-date UK headlining tour, local Conservative councilor Joan Stevenson has stated that they are "not welcome at all" branding them "ridiculous, juvenile and stupid".

"I'm sure Jim Morrison and The Doors wouldn't have done this," she bristles.

"I know I'm old and a fuddy-duddy, but I don't think that some of this band's actions are quite the thing we want at our Civic Hall, which is owned by the council. As a rep. of the people of Wolverhampton, I can say that they would not find this band acceptable at all. I'm quite broad minded, but one has to speak as one finds!"

Sid's Stage Dive

This is the policy which Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison is also keen to follow. "I'm going to shit in a box and send it to Wolverhampton council!" he rages. "We'll see how acceptable they find that! Anyway, I'm sure I can bribe some of these councilors with poker money I've won in our dressing room."

Slipknot have lined up a string of personal appearances at HMV stores during their tour, until the chain decided to pull out. In a letter to Slipknot's record label Roadrunner, an HMV spokesperson says: "Awareness of the band is growing very rapidly and our senior management are now concerned about the security of both the fans and the stores concerned. They feel that the quantity of fans likely to turn up will be so great that we will not be able to guarantee the safety of both the band and our customers." "You know what?" says Joey. "They're right. That rules! HMV would probably have called the cops as soon as we arrived!"

Slipknot Banned From UK In-store Appearances
Date: February 2000

Slipknot have been banned from signing sessions at HMV stores in the UK because the music retail giant fears marauding fans will riot.

HMV has blamed the nine-piece masked metal outfit's huge upsurge in popularity on the decision.

A spokesperson for HMV told nme.com: "We turned them down because their popularity has risen tremendously. Our concern is that so many fans are going to turn up - there would in excess of 1000 people."

"We are concerned about everybody's safety - the safety of our staff and the safety of our customers."

Virgin Megastores have now taken on the risk of staging the instores which will now call at Glasgow Virgin Megastore Buchanan Street at 12 noon (February 28), Manchester Market Street at 12 noon (29), Birmingham Corporation Street at 12 noon (March 1), Portsmouth Commercial Road at 12 noon (3) and London Oxford Street at 1pm (5).

The band's debut UK single, 'Wait & Bleed' will be released on February 28 through Roadrunner to coincide with their forthcoming tour which will call at Nottingham Rock City (February 26), Glasgow Barrowlands (28), Manchester Academy (29), Wolverhampton Civic Hall (March 1), Portsmouth Guildhall (3), Bristol Anson Rooms (4) and London Brixton Academy (5).

Corey sets Teen Magazine On Fire
Date: January 2000

At a live Slipknot show in Washington, January 23, Corey Taylor brought a Teen Magazine featuring an advertisement for Kelvin Clein jeans with Korn drummer, David Silveria. Corey dubbed Korn as corporate sell-outs and set the magazine ablaze. Shawn joined in the ceremony by stomping at the burning mag, as fans cheer him on.

The band recently told the press that:

"Some people may think that we hate Korn and Limp Bizkit, but that's not entirely true, we just hate Korn's 3rd album (Follow The Leader) and Limp Bizkit's 2nd album (Significant Other). Their 1st albums (Korn - Korn; Limp Bizkit - 3 Dollar Bill Yall$) however did greatly influence us. We do however like Korn's album Issues, some of it does sound like the 1st one, but they still could have perfected it. We've never met either of them, but we'd like to."

The Limp Bizkit/Slipknot War
Date: December 1999

The war eventually started after a close friend of the band (rumored to be Ross Robinson), informed the band that he saw a news post on Kerrang! Magazine that someone from Limp Bizkit, called Slipknot fans as "fat and ugly kids". Corey retaliated by warning Fred Durst: "You might have a lot of money and be famous, but the next time you talk shit about Slipknot and it's fans....we will kill you". After that, Slipknot started burning Limp Bizkit paraphernalia one-by-one on every live Slipknot show, especially with Durst on it.

Fred Durst
Corey Taylor

A few months after, a local radio station asked Fred Durst what he thinks about Slipknot and Durst mentioned that he loves Slipknot fans and Kerrang! were liars. Durst proved his point even better when he jumped on a trailer at the shooting of their music video "Break Stuff" and started screaming things that he liked about Rage Against The Machine, Incubus and of course, Slipknot. However, that wasn't enough to convince Corey. He still believes that Durst said it and can't back it up. A month later on Rock Feuds 2, a follow-up to the Ultrasound documentary by MTV, Fred Durst gained the ire of Slipknot once again. In the interview, Durst pointed out that people wouldn't have heard of Slipknot if they weren't trashing other bands. This feud is far from over.